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I count eight reasons why.

Photo of the author by Elisa Aquino

I’ve never felt more alive this past year.

I wrote more in one month than I ever did in any one year of my life. I took charge of my own health and nutrition and became much less sickly. I met and reconnected with so many wonderful people over online video calls that my heart feels full and love overflows.

We’ve had too many heartbreaking posts about COVID-19 and I want to contrast that by celebrating the ways I flourished in the past year. …

Play the long game to earn your readers’ trust

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

There’s a growing epidemic of clunky newsletters that leave me no choice but to click ‘Unsubscribe’.

A typical email newsletter comes in three to five sections that include any of the following:

  • A short story
  • A list
  • A GIF
  • A link to a resource or tool
  • A quote
  • A call to action

As a busy person subscribed to about ten newsletters, I won’t have the time nor the patience to read all sections. And here are three reasons why:

There are too many ideas in one place

Unlike a well-written article no more than 1,000 words long, there’s no sense of coherence. I feel the need to click…

I set out to improve productivity, focus, and well-being and found these tactics used together made a big impact

Girl in a superhero costume.
Photo by Epiximages from Getty Images

For the first 26 years of my life, I never took my health and nutrition seriously. Whenever my body felt iffy, I would self-diagnose by reading Healthline articles because I thought the words ‘research says’ signals reliable information. I also relied too much on doctors’ advice, taking more capsules than my frail body could take.

The past year revealed my weak physical state. Despite the time I save by working from home (Manila traffic is known to cause every kind of stress there is), I wasn’t more productive. There were days I would feel so sick that I couldn’t work…

Here’s a friendlier alternative

Image made on Canva

The path to success looks nothing like a ladder.

It more closely resembles squiggly lines that go back and forth.

If that is so, why do we have planning tools that glorify goal-setting as if it’s the holy grail for success?

Since college, I’d been organizing my life with Big, Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG). I had a BHAG for work, a BHAG for personal development, a BHAG for family, and a BHAG for spiritual health.

A BHAG is often stated like this: To become a talented multimedia artist making $100,000 a month by the year 2025.

I had been creating…

What I learned to go from zero to pro in a matter of days

Image from Canva

Bitcoin’s value grew by almost 600% from January last year. Since then, a lot of people have started to take interest in this whole new asset class.

Along with the growth in cryptocurrencies’ total market cap is the growth of outrageous price predictions. Influential personalities like Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Kanye West have been galvanizing the public to invest in what they believe to be the norm of the future.

All this resulted in Average Joes like you and I buying and selling without understanding what they’re getting into. Some became instant millionaires, and some lost a ton of…

Notes on brainstorming ideas, the process of writing, and setting intentions

Photo of a man and his daughter writing on a paper
Photo by Askar Abayev from Pexels

There are two kinds of writing on Medium, writing to teach, and writing to express oneself creatively. After spending a few months here, I realized that Medium is designed to be a home for thought-provoking ideas more than it is a place for artistic expression. Between a piece that inspires transformation and one that talks about mundane things with finesse and sharp wit, the first one is rewarded more than the second.

The self-help piece typically goes viral. Why? Because it proposes a solution to the reader’s problems. Articles that teach people to get fit, earn money, and get over…

Your passion springs from your purpose. Here’s how to cultivate it as a creator.

Laughing African female model with makeup
Photo by Jacob Lund

Each of us has something valuable to share with the world. But not everyone realizes it. Not everyone actually does the sharing.

I’ve been creating content for almost a year now. And it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, not because I am now financially free through it (I’m getting there), but because I know I’m making a big difference in people’s lives.

The past year had been tough. Tougher for some than for others. I wanted to help people who were silently suffering behind closed doors through education and encouragement. …

After doing the 30-Day Challenge, I feel so much writing love, and more

Photo by GPoint studio on Canva

I committed to publishing 20 articles to 20 publications from May 25th to June 24th. Although I had 20 drafts ready, the pubs took some time to review the last three, so I technically published 17 articles in a month.

To me, that is still an achievement. And I wish to report my progress.

Metrics are a measure of how close one is to achieve a certain goal or state, which vary depending on the writer’s intentions and objectives. In this article, I report the outcomes that are important to me.


I made new writer friends!

Some of which I…

Leverage the presence of your five chimps and grow together, exponentially.

Photo by Jed Villejo on Unsplash

Our relationships make us.

You’ve heard that before. The five chimps: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.

Remember the principle of compound interest? Relationships work that way, too. The quality of the relationships you build will make an impact on your growth.

Most of them you might not have thought about

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Here’s an effective way to manage your time: lists.

I’m not talking about to-do lists. I’m talking about lists of information. Unless we have a personal assistant to help organize our lives, we can trust lists to save us plenty of time and mental effort. They reduce the decisions we need to make and free up mental space to process more important thoughts.

I belong to Quadrant B in Ned Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model, which means I have a very practical mind. I love planning, organizing, and getting things done. …

Hannah To

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