Hannah To ✨ | Lifelong Learner
Hannah To ✨ | Lifelong Learner

Hi, I'm Hannah and I write about thinking, productivity and lifelong learning.

Thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce myself a little more.

I’m a 28-year-old based in Manila, Philippines, but I consider myself a global citizen. I have three main roles in life.

Three Things About Me

I’m an entrepreneur, co-managing our family business, a real estate company. My dad founded it in 2010 with a vision of developing leisure properties all over the Philippines. The challenge for me today is transforming it into a well-managed company since he passed away last year. Good thing I find much joy in serving people, from customers to employees.

I’m a creative educator, helping lifelong learners think better, work smart, and live with purpose. Much of who I am today I owe to non-formal education and real-life experiences. Over time, I’ve collected mental models, habits, and first principles to navigate life, and I delight in sharing them with others. I do this by writing, creating video content, and hosting talks and workshops.

I’m a global volunteer, often a participant, facilitator, or speaker for social impact programs on education and entrepreneurship. I embrace opportunities to mentor young, bright-eyed students with the drive to make a difference. I enjoy working with culturally diverse teams united by a common goal.

Three Things I Love

First: adventure. From strolling around Manila’s old Spanish town to standing before the picturesque beauty of the Rockies, from gasping for air to climb to a summit to diving over a shipwreck for corals, I love anything that allows me to explore a world different from my own. I like to take in and absorb the history, culture, and character of a place and its people.

The second is learning. To me, every waking moment is an educational one. Books, podcasts, and documentaries fill my time. I enjoy talking to people I can learn much from as much as I like teaching what I know. Pursuing understanding makes my life a grand flow experience. It’s fun and I’m never done.

The last one is the source of all the good that comes from my being: my love for God. Over my workaday life looms an overarching purpose: to glorify Him. My faith shapes my worldview, and the more I search for truth, the more I am convinced that there is no greater joy in this life than having His love and salvation.

Let's Journey Together

If you’re an adventurous, tech-savvy lifelong learner, we’ll get along really well! :)

➡️ If you want to get practical advice on how to improve different areas of your life (such as work, health, and finances), explore my article library here on Medium. I publish 1-2x per week and my best ones are this, this, and this. ➡️ On YouTube are recordings of my previous talks on mental health, creating to teach and inspire, and speaking possibility to others. LinkedIn and Twitter are where I share a few ideas on work and life. ➡️ On Instagram, my visual diary, vlog, and faith journal live. That’s it! Now, it’s your turn. I’d love to learn more about YOU. What do you do and what are you passionate about? Leave a comment or connect with me on the channels above. Talk to you soon! 😊

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Hannah To ✨ | Lifelong Learner

Hannah To ✨ | Lifelong Learner

Entrepreneur, creative educator, and global volunteer. Helping lifelong learners think better, work smart, and live with purpose. https://linktr.ee/hgdt