O’Shaughnessy Fellowship Application

Why should we give you a scholarship?

Writing has always been a part of my life.

From diary-ranting in my adolescence to documenting my travels after college, I’ve always kept a blog. Only recently did I start to publish articles with other people in mind, though.

Since January, I’ve been posting at least 5 articles on Medium each month, but I feel like my voice is stifled there. Algorithms favor more popular topics like money-making and relationships or posts by popular authors, making it harder to build an audience there.

Frankly, I get lazy at the thought of building traffic through my own website. I always thought of just outsourcing it to platforms, but David Perell makes it look so easy.

That’s why I want to sign up for Write of Passage. I need accountability and feedback. I need concrete steps to go from writing as a passion project to serious advocacy. I need other people to validate my ideas and help me where to focus so I can multiply the results of my efforts.

I’ve plateaued in my writing on Medium, but equipped with better skills, a good idea of what I can share with the world, and a portfolio of pieces to build on. I’m ready to take on my next creative challenge.

My scholarship is an investment to catalyze a lifelong pursuit.

What’s your vision?

I want my writing to change the world in two distinct ways.

First, I want to teach personal effectiveness, in thinking, learning, and productivity in particular. I want to equip people to come better at being self-directed.

This type of content may be quite common in the West, but not in the Philippines where I live.

My blog will serve as an avenue to teach people in a structured, scientific, and not wish-washy way to manage themselves and their lives better.

I enjoy writing about mental models, cognitive biases, and learning techniques, and I’m challenged to find ways to make these topics more digestible, relatable, and interesting to people.

There are more men than women writing about these topics, too. I want to bring a fresh perspective.

Second, I want to inspire entrepreneurs.

Most of them don’t write in their free time, and I think they’re missing out on so many benefits.

Writing allows me, as an executive, to flesh out my ideas, think through big decisions, and extract the lessons I learn from experience. It uproots me from the mess of day-to-day management and puts me in a mode of flow to reflect carefully on what has happened and what is to come.

Publishing one’s thoughts is a leap beyond journaling. It forces one to think more coherently and think in a clear and thoughtful way. And isn’t that what business owners need?

My blog will become an avenue for me to share nuggets of wisdom and principles unique to the entrepreneur. It will encourage business owners to make writing a habit.

Through writing, I want to attract like-minded founders who see their work as a means of service, a way to pursue a mission.

Both these paths have the potential to turn into a program and eventually a movement one day, just like Write of Passage.

Though I am pressed by the demands of my day job, managing a real estate business, I still allot two to three hours each day for writing.

With the help of the program, I can channel this time effectively to quietly build my personal monopoly.

The most rewarding part is sparking other people’s creative journeys, too.

Name one esoteric idea that everybody should know, but most people don’t.

I’ll share three things that might sound cliché on the surface, but mean a lot when taken seriously.

  1. Understanding is the key to happiness.
  2. Living with a long-term view of life will make you a better person.
  3. Your problems are more generic than you think. To solve them, you need to find the right principles, and the key to a fulfilling life is to collect them.




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Hannah To ✨ | Lifelong Learner

Hannah To ✨ | Lifelong Learner


Entrepreneur, creative educator, and global volunteer. Helping lifelong learners think better, work smart, and live with purpose. https://linktr.ee/hgdt