The Philippines Is the Most Beautiful Country in the World! (Here Are 5 Reasons Why)

From the tip of the mountain to the depth of the sea, this place arrests me


A smiling girl sitting on top of a sun-lit hill
Photo of the author in Batanes, Philippines

I live in a tropical paradise called the Philippines.

It is a Southeast Asian archipelago of over 7000 islands (and counting) and home to a rich reserve of biodiversity. It is a country of peaks, coral gardens, and the thrashing waves of the open sea.

As we all fight the wanderlust stifled by COVID, I recount five moments I was left in awe by the beauty of its nature, thankful for how it is so accessible to where I live.

The golden hills and the golden people of Batanes

At the northern tip of the Philippines, in the midst of the open water in all corners, are the three islands of Batanes.

Map of Batanes by Toni

Here, the wind breezes all year round, houses are made of stone, and the people are dignified.

Kuya Joseph, my tour guide, took me around the island of Sabtang where I would stay for the night. On our way back, we stopped for a hilltop that gave the finest view of the sunset.

The peak was colored gold by the hovering sun. The open sea sat peacefully in front of us. I turned to the right and saw a herd of goats on a plateau, grazing over the low grass.

A girl watching the sunset from a hill
The author has the golden hills to herself

Kuya Joseph and I were the only people there, and I took the opportunity for solitude to take in the marvelous beauty of God’s creation. I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving for painting such a glorious sight. For a moment, I envied the locals for having easy access to this view.

But they are just as wonderful.

The Ivatans are Austronesians, accustomed to the strong Siberian winds. As Batanes is disjointed from the mainland, with the strong weather making it difficult for simple trade, the people had to learn…



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